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Koh Lanta

This beautiful island off the south coast of Thailand has been home to an ancient sea gypsy race with their own language & beliefs.
Some time ago Thai fishermen and farmers arrived, and all now live happily together. Backpackers and German divers re-discovered Koh Lanta ( or Lanta Island, Ko Lanta ) in Thailand a dozen years ago, and the island has moved gradually from unknown and hard-to-reach but through discovery by Scandinavian families it offers a growing variety of bungalow resorts with 20th century amenities until today. Most resorts are small, with 30 to 50 bungalows or less.

What is Koh Lanta really like ?

It's an island of wonderful beaches facing west, with magical sunsets and verdant jungle. It's an island people come back to, again and again. A place where it's always around 30 degrees where time is soon forgotten, where you can spend hours watching the antics of hermit crabs.
The timeless magic that makes the island so special cannot be broken by a few modern conveniences. Most of the beach land is long divided into small pieces

Koh Lanta's Major Developments

The first five star resort opened now several years ago, and is blessed with owners who kept all the trees and ordered the architects to build a beachfront resort that could not be seen from the sea. On one of the finest beaches on Koh Lanta (and possibly one of Thailand's most beautiful) they created Pimalai Resort & Spa, a small heaven on earth. Stunningly well designed and just as well run.

It appears that Koh Lanta is attracting more and more creative people and wonderful new resorts have been created by newcomers. Two PhD's (an academic & bureaucrat from Bangkok) have opened The Narima, which has drawn amazing reviews from the editor of Elle Decor and almost all other guests.

Two Frenchmen took over a run down resort at Relax Bay and in a few months turned it into a stylish haven for international creatives and execs, recently 'discovered' by Conde Nast Traveller. Now our 25 kilometers of beaches are host to a hundred small resorts.


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Southern Lanta - One of the first and still excellent

Andaman Lanta Resort

Relax Bay Resort - French style meets Thai hospitality

Lanta Palace Resort - excellent value - now with pool!

Amantra Resort - Special Promotion at Koh Lanta

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Koh Lanta still a Paradise ??

Yes, in deed !! Is it crowded? No ! Last Christmas at midday I counted about 80 people on the 3.5 kilometer long Klong Dao, Koh Lanta's most developed beach.

If you want sex tourism, go-go bars, shopping clubs or discos then Koh Lanta is not for you. Come to Koh Lanta for snorkeling 'better than the Red Sea', dive sites regularly listed in the world's top ten, an Old Town where life continues as it did a hundred years ago.Rent some bikes or a jeep and spend days exploring the beaches, rivers, caves and waterfall. Just 25 kilometers long and six wide, you'll discover areas that are worlds apart. Explore coconut palm gardens and rubber tree plantations still functioning as they did fifty years ago. Watch sea gypsy fishermen build their nets as they have for centuries.

Wait for the fishing boats and enjoy a seafood feast you'll never forget for the price of a croissant and coffee in Europe.

t's expensive to get here , but inexpensive to stay. It's still non-commercial, and the locals smile almost all the time. If you lived here you'd smile too!

We will develop the website with photos and information, recommendations about where to stay and what to do, the best places to eat and more.

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